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Thread: Richard 'Riqui' Puig

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamDav1982 View Post
    Clearly has good ability on the ball.

    Loves his attitude. Gets stuck in no matter size of opponents.

    Def has something about him. Just looks like a player.
    Challenged even taller and more physical players against Juventus.

    Guy might be small, but he's aware of his limitations and got toughness like Verratti who should be his role model in how size really doesn't matter if you got the right attitude and quality.
    Just get a better midfield

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    Quote Originally Posted by MessiCam View Post
    No itís not. It is very dependent on build type (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph), BMR, REE along with a plethora of other stuff.

    I am an ectomorph with a high BMR and as such I had to eat like pig while lifting weights in order to put on minimal amounts of lean mass. I am no bodybuilder either but I had to keep my body in an anabolic state which meant eating large amounts of food all through the day. Itís a horrible thing having to chug down food even when youíre not hungry.
    That`s why I said that every person is different. Everyone knows that ectomorphs need to eat more, but as a top athlete you don`t have the luxury to put on some fat with lean mass, and it`s a very known fact that it is almost impossible to gain only lean mass. That`s why they are probably on a strict diet with timed intake of carbs etc. There are methods to gain muscle with minimum fat, while not eating like a maniac. Different ways to get to the same goal, depending on what you need. But we are really off topic here.

    @God Serena

    Man, you are really trying to be irritating as fuck. Go learn something if you want to discuss topics like this and stop talking crap and calling people ignorant.

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