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Thread: Marco Asensio

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonAndres View Post
    But MUH Asensio overrated

    Some Cules are just braindead tbh. It'll take a while for some to accept that RM are levels above us until we sign world class players.
    More like overhyped. I see some casual fans already saying he is in top 5. Top 5 amongst young players, probably, but top 5 overall? Hell no.

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    I've never seen people claim Asensio is a top 5 player in football lol. If people actually say that, I don't think it's an opinion worth mulling over whatsoever.
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    How can he be overhyped? He was playing for mallorca, for 5 m he went to madrid, then he was loaned to espanyol, played great there, now he is doing great in madrid, right word is underrated, overhyped for me is pogba, dybala and dembele

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    I can see the talent, but not fully sold on him. I think it helps his case that he always gets thrown into an already working Real setup.
    He wasn't anywhere as noticable when he played with Spains U21. I'd love to see him in a Tier 2 CL team where he has to take responsiblity and then see what he can do there.