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Thread: Lucho: "Barca motivated and serious"

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    Lucho: "Barca motivated and serious"

    Barca coach, Luis Enrique spoke in a press conference ahead of Barca Champions League Final match vs. Juventus.

    FC Barcelona coach attended the news conference at Berlin's Olympiastadion and said that his team which worked "marvellously well" together had been the most important factor in their season, even if the attackers did get many of the plaudits.

    "We are all aware that the front three get so much attention, especially having Leo as best player in the world, and also Ney and Luis who have had great seasons," Luis Enrique said.

    "But to be here, to have won both trophies, and players know that, we have needed a block which attacks and a block which defends. Just attacking with three, or defending with eight, we would not have won so much."

    "That we are in position to win the treble means the set-up of the team has worked marvelously well."

    Luis Enrique said he was aware of the treble hype among Barca's fans and pundits, with the team having just once before [in 2009] had such success, however the players were going into the game in a serious, focused mood. "We are happy that are fans have sense of euphoria, that this is lasting some months," he said. "The players and coaches are going into the game as serious as possible."

    "Every team needs the same thing, to interpret the game well, to have a good day to overcome a rival of this size. The things that have happened over the season, for sure will happen in this final."

    "The team is where we wanted to be, with two trophies won and now the possibility to enter again into the history of the club. We are very motivated for the game, wanting to again be superior to rival, and get close to the result in that way."

    While Juve coach Max Allegri had pointed to the midfield as the area that the game would be won or lost, Luis Enrique suggested that efficiency in both areas could be just as important.
    "The centre of the pitch is usually one of the places where attacking and defensive play takes place," he said. "I do not know if that will be the deciding factor, also good to dominate the penalties areas in both attack and defence.

    "But we will play our way, to have the ball and try and cause danger to the rival, while avoiding them as much as possible causing us danger."
    Allegri's Juve team are capable of sitting back and defending, or looking to have possession and create play, Luis Enrique said.