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Thread: Lliga: Barca - Getafe 6-0

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    Quote Originally Posted by instinct View Post

    Every goal with Ray Hudson commentary.
    I'm crying right now. Teamwork, yeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo_Messi View Post
    That's an insane claim. Arguably the defenders back then were better defenders as in better at doing actual defending. They were worse footballers technically and fitness wise though on average.
    Defending depends on the tactical part (positioning, anticipation, decision making etc) and the technical (tackles, headers etc). I highly doubt defenders were better on the tactical part. Maybe on the technical part but even of that I'm not entirely sure. Why should they've been better before?

    Modern day defenders who aren't Thiago Silva often look bad because football has become much more a team sport where team moves are planned to the finest details. Back then it was more about individual actions which is easier to defend.

    So ofc defenders from twenty years ago look amazing when the attackers and midfielders have no clue how to properly construct an organised attack.

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    Scary thing is could of been even more

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    Ray hudson commentary from the second goal starts, amazing
    is Ray the words he uses are incridable

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyletheMuslim View Post
    case in point, we won't beat cordoba 6-0
    See we beat them 7-0...