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Thread: Lucho: "It was the best 1st half"

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    Lucho: "It was the best 1st half"

    FC Barcelona head coach Luis Enrique remained grounded after important 2-0 win vs. Espanyol at Cornella-El Prat.

    "We’ve survived another week and still depend on ourselves. That’s the most important thing," he said following his team’s 2–0 win on Saturday at Cornella-El Prat.

    "Feeling doesn’t matter," he added. “It’s all about the wins and the points.” "The team keeps improving," he said.

    "It is the best first half in terms of dominating all facets of the game, a lot of the ball in the opposition half. Good pressure. Excellent movement of the ball, looking for the goal."

    "We are going to have chances to win games if we play well. In the second half we played well, and we did not suffer despite playing with 10 men. We gave them very little chance to get back into the game."

    "Alba has said that he only said 'always me,'" the coach explained. "Unless that is the title of a horror film, there should be no punishment."

    "The calendar looks good from afar, but then you have to go out and play the game. We faced a difficult game if only because it was a derby and who our opponents were."

    "The five games left have their own challenges. The most important stretch is coming up."

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    Some real tiki-taka yesterday. The team is really improving game by game and the players are enjoying themselves on the pitch. A great piece of work has been done by Lucho and his staff.

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    I think it's wrong to defend a player who gets a red card because of provoking remarks made in front of the referee. It hurts the team - it's the wrong thing to do. The team has to be told to refrain from any talking back to the referee, even ifbthe referee makes a mistake. It went ok this time but it could cost dearly in the CL semifinal.