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Thread: UEFA Nations League

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    Quote Originally Posted by TornAndFrayed View Post
    This is like saying the USA shouldn't restrict gun sales because you know, 'Merica.
    Dismissing the idea of a white card before even thinking of its possible applications, and the way it would be introduced and how it would affect the game and other cards ( all of which are so variable i'd tip my hat off to anyone listing all the options and potential consequences ) is, well, short-sighted.
    What if the referee decide to give it to a GK for some reason? the team would have to substitute a player for another GK and then after minutes play with 2 GKs or what? or we are going to have it a card that isn't allowed to be given to GKs?
    And football is a game that is very tactical ,when a red card is shown coaches usually makes changes .having to lose player for 10 minutes once or twice in a game would be huge unnecessary tactical challenge for coach ,nvm it will drop the quality of football played
    Look at handball mate .the referees many times fall in love with the 2 minutes suspension .applying it on football would make it very difficult even for referees .there is already many cases that there is no clean line between playes whether it is yellow or red ,now you add another card who gives a temporary suspension?

    Quote Originally Posted by Behrox View Post
    do you mean handegg?

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    Again you're jumping to conclusions. Obviously the GK wouldn't be subject to it as I can't see another way around it. The time of suspension isn't indicated. Whether or not coaches can/will adapt to a temporary suspension by making further substitution isn't decided. Most importantly the actual conditions for giving a white card aren't determined.

    Look, I'm not against or in favor of this card because we barely know anything about it, and that's a fact.
    I guess all we can really know is that temporary exclusions will affect the rythm of the game, but the card will also reduce the kind of actions that it is aimed against.

    Again, I'm not advocating a change in the system, but I'd like to know more before dismissing it as a senseless notion