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Thread: Josep Maria Bartomeu

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    Quote Originally Posted by George_Costanza View Post
    I actually wrote long post replying to @The Observer, but then I thought his post was so ridiculous that it's not worth a reply. A guy who has Xavi as an avatar and in his signature, yet praise Xavi's ideological opposite. Talk about Cruyff had words of praise for Valverde is like Obi-Wan Kenobi once praised Anakin before he transforms into Darth Vadar.

    This is what Johan said about EV's Espanyol: "His work is more than excellent. If you watch Espanyol play it's good to watch I'm very happy there are people like him and Rijkaard who are trying to play in a way people can enjoy because that's what football's for."

    Now, do you think if Mr. Cruyff is still alive, he would enjoy watching the way this Barcelona plays?
    imagine what Cryuff would say now about those performances vs Roma and Liverpool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Observer View Post
    What's the issue with Bartomeu? He might be a sleazy character and there were some bad decisions during his tenure but also many great ones.

    Neymar, Umtiti, Arthur, De Jong, Lenglet, Digne, ter Stegen. All young players that turned out gold. Umtiti was on his way to become a top 3 CB in the world before injuries. Can't do much about that or Neymar's greed when he thought he became too big to be Messi's sidekick.

    There were also some bad decisions like Arda (wish of the coach) or Coutinho/Dembélé (panic buys) or simply getting it wrong (Gomes) but you can't fault the will to invest and invest in the right type of players.

    None of the "neglected" La Masia players turned out good enough. Tello, Cuenca, Deulofeu, Adama, Samper, Grimaldo. People hate on Roberto who is by far the best of the lot, imagine trying to incorporate someone as brainless as Deulofeu into the team.

    Why should Laporta do better? His last campaign promise was Pogba, a pink-haired, dabbing, lazy, overrated piece of Raiola client. This board got us Arthur instead. Just because Laporta struck gold with Pep doesn't make him a no brainer as president a decade later.

    Can't fault coaching choices either with this board. Lucho, former Barca legend, unproven, was as much of a risky decision as appointing Pep back in 2008 and it turned out great. Valverde remains the best La Liga coach to this date who was praised by Cruyff multiple times even during his Espanyol days, Cruyff himself would have appointed Valverde. Bottling CL away games and not playing as well as prime Barca doesn't change that fact.

    100 % of the criticism and wishes stem from living in the 2006 - 2015 Barca bubble. You'll have to get out of that sooner or later. Or just give up on Barca alltogether after Messi (like half the fanbase will do anyway).