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Thread: Josep Maria Bartomeu

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    So how is this no vote thing going? Doesn't he have 10 days left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Porque View Post
    The idea of ​​the president is to continue and face the vote because it is not so clear that they will achieve 66.6% of the votes in the referendum.

    However, there is an important point that can benefit Bartomeu. If the motion is passed, accounts of the season 20/21 will have to be closed the new president closing the Responsibiity Action on Bartomeu and his Board.

    The Directive has closed the balance of the 19/20 campaign with losses of practically 100 million euros . They are audited. As this Directive had generated profits in previous years in excess of those 100 million, there is no reason for a Liability Action. Although it is true that the new president would do an audit to verify the accounts of 19/20.

    Taking these accounts for granted, the Responsibility Action could occur if Bartomeu closed the accounts for 20/21 with considerable losses, something that cannot be ruled out given the complicated situation caused by Covid-19. But if Bartomeu and his board leave, the accounts will be closed by the new president and they would go out of their way.


    Tefloneu might actually be better off if the motion of censarship passes. Amazing.
    If this would be a movie, in the final act, we will discover that all the things happening in the last year were done on purpose by Barto. Going into direct conflict with Messi, trying to get rid of new fan favorites like Puig etc were all Bartos evil plan, so he will get removed before time and lose responsibility of financial chaos, what the pandemic has done the the squad.