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Thread: New Zealand Bro :)

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    Welcome man! New Zealand is a beautiful country, a spectacular one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManusXavi View Post
    Greetings i'm Ben MacManus from Dunedin New Zealand. 23. Been a Barca fan since they beat that Scum Manchester United in 2009 Champions League Final. English premier league and Champions League is on tv in New Zealand. Most people are Chelsea, Arsenal or MU fans. Barcelona beating the english teams has allowed New Zealand to take notice of the Spanish passing style tiki-taka. La-liga is not on TV only the internet. Barca do get viewed in the Champions League and set a better example of Football than the english premier league does. I play Futsal, coach Football. I'm doing a study of sports management and coaching. I also love Jesus.

    p.s Rugby is our main sport. Our New Zealand All Blacks are world Champions. You guys should youtube -> Jonah Lomu

    Hello! Glad to see a New Zealander around here.. I once visited Dunedin, very comfy and cold, I regret not pursuing my studies there.
    Surprised to hear that La Liga isn't on New Zealand television, how about the bundesliga(German League)?