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Thread: Darthvader's Barca 2.0

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    Darthvader's Barca 2.0

    Starting budget: 25m (since Neymar's already been bought for 25)

    Out: Valdes (12m), Villa (12m), Pedro (15m), Alves (26m), Afellay (10m), JDS (3.5 m) Fontas (2.5m), Keirrison (0.75m), Cuenca (loan), Roberto (loan), Rafinha (loan), Bartra (loan)

    Total budget = 106.75 m

    In: Thiago Silva (40m), Ter Stegen (10m), Piszczek (12.5 m), Suarez (35 m), Kurt Zouma (6.5 m) = 104 m

    It's similar to my previous one, but with a few changes (mainly Alves being sold for funds and Piszczek being bought as a replacement).


    Thiago Silva
    We need a CB badly, so I went for the best.

    Ter Stegen
    We need a GK, and he's a great young one with a shitload of potential

    I sold Alves to raise funds, so I bought him as a replacement. I don't know that much about him, but he did do well against Ronaldo in the semi, so I think he'd be a good choice. This could be any RB at around 9-12 m though.

    I sold Villa, so I bought someone like him to replace him: a striker who can also play on the wing. Plus, he's arguably the best player in the PL

    Kurt Zouma
    I don't know much about him, but I've heard that he's a great young prospect. He'd be good buy for depth and for the future. I'd rather get Marquinhos or Inigo Martinez, but my budget didn't allow me to

    Starting XI:

    It's our usual 4-3-3, however, it can be changed to the 3-4-3 from the Milan game pretty easily, with Alba moving up and Suarez moving to a striker position, like so:

    This is why Neymar is on the right, even though he may not be quite as comfortable there as on the left. I'd also like to see some other tactical changes, like better pressing and the return of the 6 second rule. Not to mention more rotation and more playing time for youngsters.

    Backup XI:

    Of course, I don't think Alexis is ever gonna be the player we use in the center if Messi gets injured or we want to rest him, if any of those happen, I'd put Suarez there. I mainly put him there for the sake of having an XI of non-starters. A team we use against a relegation zone side right before a CL game (for example) would be more likely to have Tello-Suarez-Alexis/Deulofeu as the attacking trident.
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