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Thread: footyfan's Barca

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    footyfan's Barca

    Disclaimer: This team is just an alternative to the other more realistic ones presented so far. This is more like a fantasy manager than anything.


    Villa (12 mil)
    Alexis (20 mil)
    Alves (26 mil)
    Afellay (10 mil)
    Cesc (40 mil)
    Cuenca (4 mil)
    Dos Santos (4 mil)

    Total - 116 mil


    Lahm (28 mil)
    Ronaldo (100 mil)
    Hummels (24 mil)
    Verratti (12 mil)

    Total - 164 mil

    Balance - 2 mil

    25 man squad:
    GK: Valdes, Pinto, Oier
    DF: Lahm, Alba, Bartra, Pique, Hummels, Montoya, Puyol, Mascherano, Adriano, Abidal
    MF: Song, Verratti, Busquets, Thiago, Xavi, Iniesta, Rafinha
    FW: Ronaldo, Messi, Pedro, Tello, Deulofeu

    We still haven't gotten revenge for an overrated Portuguese winger leaving us for Madrid. Time to do to Madrid what they did to us. Let's be honest, he would be great for our team. You can say, oh but his passing game sucks, but really, how many touches does Villa get in a match anyway? The types of runs that Ronaldo makes are perfect for our team. Messi, Iniesta and even Xavi would have a field day feeding him with through balls. As one of the best headers in the game, he would also provide an aerial threat to Alba and Lahm's crosses. Ronaldo will also switch wings with Pedro, in the same manner that Villa does. More importantly, he would almost single handedly get us out of debt, with not just shirt sales but his commercial deals that net the club around 40% of the revenue I think. would definitely hire me over all you guys.

    I swapped Alves for Lahm just because Lahm is more defensively secure and their price is more or less the same. Hummels is a fairly obvious choice, I'm a huge fan. I wanted to get Silva, but couldn't fit in the budget. Also, the fact that he's 29 and injury prone. No matter, there's always next season. Ronaldo will make us the most profitable team in the world anyway. Lots of money to buy more players in upcoming seasons

    I sold Cesc for Verratti because Verratti suits the Xavi role better. Wanted to get Gundogan but didn't want to pillage Dortmund and Germany, poor guys.

    Sold Villa and Alexis () for Ronaldo.

    Promoted Deulofeu and Rafinha.

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    oh la la! what a great courage about ronaldo! ronaldo + messi, every game, manita!
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