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Thread: Edward's Barca

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    Edward's Barca

    Ok here is my virtual Barca manager.

    I have been tasked with retaining La Liga and winning the CL for the 2013/14 season. I have a 50m budget plus player sales.

    I also inform Mr. Rossell that I will not be needing Neymar. Neymar is then sold to PSG.

    I evaluate my squad and the following players are sold:-

    Valdes:- 10m to Milan

    Alves:- P/X deal

    Pique:- 20m to Man City.

    Sanchez:- 17m to Juventus

    Villa:- 10m to Arsenal

    Abidal retired

    Bojan released

    Hence I now have 107m

    As part of the Alves deal to PSG I get Sirigu in return.

    I decide to revamp my defence completely. I believe the defence needs balance upmost and firstmost before abilities of individuals. So I sell Alves and Pique.

    I think Pizczek would bring better balance to the flanks so I decide to sign him for 12m.

    I now have 95m to spend.

    I need two central defenders. I target Howedes and Papadopoulous both from Schalke. Not only is that already a partnership they both bring different abilities ot the table and help my balance of the defence. Schalke dont want to lose both, however I over compensate them buy paying 20m for each of them.

    I now have 55m to spend.

    I believe the midfield does not need to be reinforcement especially with my tactics.

    So I have 55m to get two striker. I decide to offer 45m for Suarez which is accepted. I then offter Fulham 7m for Berbatov.

    So my squad is complete:-

    GK:- Sirigu, Pinto, Olazabal

    RB:- Piszczek, Montoya

    LB:- Alba, Adriano

    CB:- Puyol, Bartra, Papadopoulos, Howedes, Mascherano

    CM:- Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Song, Thiago, Sergio, Dos Santos

    FD:- Messi, Pedro, Tello, Suarez, Berbatov, Deulofeu

    My tactics have changed and my first XI is thus:-






    I am playing 4-2-3-1 this allows me to rotate the midfield with the likes of Song, JM, Dos Santos even Papadopoulos can play there.

    In defence Montoya and Pisczek will compete for that spot. If Puyol is fit Id still play him his experience is crucial. Papadopoulos will eventually replace him. Plus Bartra as my youngster in that position. Which is why I d keep Adriano. He has experience and would offer his knowledge to the squad which is important with Abidal not there anymore. Alba is obviously No.1 but Adriano can fill in there.

    As for the 3 in attack. I am moving Messi to the right side of attack as that thing again BALANCE is a key issue and I believe thered be more balance in the team with Messi there. Fabregas as the AM is a natural fit. He is a world class AM. Iniesta on the left too. I then have depth with the likes of Thiago, JDS, Pedro, Deulofeu.

    Up front in Suarez. Obviously Messi can play in that position if necessary. Hell Suarez can play on the right or left so it is all inter changeable. Berbatov would be a squad player but would provide some class in depth.

    So there you have it!

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    Budget is 50 million euros btw.

    I do like Suarez but looking at that midfield it looks too slow for me. We're having same problem now when we lose the ball. It's either players get caught far up or don't have the pace to track back.

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    Howedes is a very poor defender, Pique will not be sold however badly he plays and Neymar is coming whether we like it or not.

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    It looks like Liverpool.

    While Sanchez is valued at 17 million pounds, Juventus will not be buying him for that much. Puyol is finished and if you are relying on him then your season is doomed before it begins. And then there is the issue with Iniesta playing as LW which has been an epic failure, as well as Messi's refusal to play on the wing ever again.
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