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Thread: AvocadoCake's Barça

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    AvocadoCake's Barça

    - Dani Alves (26m)
    - Mascherano (26m)
    - Bojan (0m)
    - Valdes (12m)
    - Villa (12m)
    - JdS (3.5m).
    - Afellay (10m)
    - Fontas (2.5m)
    - Alexis (20m)
    TOTAL: 112m

    - Inigo (15m)
    - Kompany (35m)
    - De Sciglio (9m) - This is in assumption we can't get Carvajal (8m) who is wanted by hie ex-club Madrid
    - Neymar (40m) - not sure I'd have made this transfer, but it seems inevitable.
    - Heung-Min Son (13m) - might be less with his contract ending in 2014
    - Courtois (20m)
    - Sakho (15m)
    TOTAL: 147m

    - Kerrison
    - Abidal (to get a coaching/ambassadorial role)

    Loan out:
    - Muniesa
    - Bartra

    - Deulofeu

    Left in balance: 15m

    Goalkeepers (3):
    Courtois, Pinto, Oier
    Fullbacks (4):
    Alba, Adriano, Montoya, De Sciglio
    Centre-backs (5):
    Kompany, Pique, Puyol, Inigo, Sakho

    Defensive midfielders (2):
    Busquets, Song

    Central midfielders (4):
    Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Thiago

    Wingers (5):
    Pedro, Cuenca, Tello, Neymar, Deulofeu

    Central Strikers (2):
    Messi, Son

    First choice:

    Second choice:

    This provides Tito with a variety of types of wingers (Neymar, Pedro and Cuenca are very different in terms of style of play), good height and depth in defence (Inigo might even seem surplus to requirements but we know our luck with injuries and with Puyol ageing, it's a worthwhile investment). If Puyol is unavailable, Kompany can lead the team even though I can't see him getting to close to the armband.
    Son is a great player that could take some of the load off of Messi in smaller games, as well as develop plenty of room for improvement. He can also play out wide, which can come in handy.
    I was considering Sebastian Rode but when called upon, Song has proven to be a very capable second choice player.

    The players also give more flexibility for the team:

    Pedro's work rate would mean some more defensive security despite going to 3 at the back. Inigo and Sakho are both left-footed so would be good at left centre back, while Iniesta can play on the left. With Xaviesta and Cesc in the field, we can control the game more, or go for a more direct approach with Alba instead of Iniesta (and then maybe Iniesta where Cesc is), again providing defensive ability as well quick build up.

    Sorry if I made any stupid mistakes (at some point I almost forgot to buy a goalkeeper ), but I think I managed to avoid having too many of them...
    My blog:

    "Mourinho saying he broke Barça's dominance? I don't see it that way. When he arrived, Madrid were 3 points behind, now 15."
    Ray Hudson on Pedro:
    "Always one of my favorite players to watch. He's got his critics, don't know why..."
    Ray Hudson on Messi:
    "They tell me that all men are equal in god's eyes. This player makes you seriously think about those words."

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    €147m is a lot of money to spend and some of the signings are unlikely to be let go by their club, especially De Sciglio who is one of Milan's best prospects and would never be let go for €9m.

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    I think some values are underestimated but since there's still 15 million left I guess it's fine.

    Looking more balanced at the back then we are now and also liking how you kept Pedro. If Neymar is to come, it's essential that we keep our hard workers too.