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Thread: Stric's Barca

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonAndres View Post
    The thing is I doubt Moyes would dare to change everything Fergie set up in his first season at United, especially considering that the current system has just been successful so there are no huge concerns for them right now other than some midfield transfers. The team will shape more to Moyes' vision as the years go by but I doubt he would completely change everything immediately as a newcomer manager after the clubs greatest idol retired.

    I don't see Moyes changing much of the systemic and rudimentary basics such as goalkeepers and the core players of the team (bar Rooney, if the rumours of his departure are to be believed). Both the fans and the board would hardly take it well if he'd put the team into an instant flux, without spending a few years there first.
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    I've made some changes based on what Bojan and I have been discussing about De Gea's price and the uncertainty of Bojan's (Bojan Krkić! ) transfer. You can see what they are at the bottom of the original post. :beer2:

    Quote Originally Posted by Deco 20 View Post
    I'm a bit worried about the lack of work-rate/stamina by the front 3, and with the lack of control in midfield as neither Cesc or Iniesta are orchestrators. Maybe it'd work if we played a more defensive, counter attacking game though. Also I'm with Bojan, I think it'd be difficult to get De Gea (unless Moyes wants him gone) and sell Bojan for that much. Last I heard Milan only wanted to pay 5m

    The transfer outlay is significan't, more than we've ever spent before and I'm a bit worried about it, but I guess with the amount of players we'll be selling it could be necessary.

    The squad looks a bit big too, so would be difficult to keep everyone happy, especially as there are few newly promoted players who'd be willing to watch and learn.
    As I've mentioned earlier, the lineups I put on the formation pictures are what I think should be the most-used lineups, not necessarily the best ones. For example, I put Fabregas instead of Xavi, because I'd prefer it if a 33-year-old Xavi didn't play as many games as he's played this season. Also, I put Montoya instead of Alves because I'd want Montoya to get as much playing time as possible. Villa and Pedro, too. Villa is getting old and I'd probably want to rotate them on a regular basis.

    I've adjusted the original post to fit this discussion about De Gea's and Bojan's price tags.

    It's a lot of money, but only three players. Which is not that many. And with the amount we'd get from sales, we could cover the expenses.

    The squad is big because the rules of the game say 25 players. Honestly, some of them are there only because of that. For example, I wouldn't promote Deulofeu and Rafinha if it wasn't for that rule.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doobs View Post
    I'd love Aguero and Silva in the team!

    Assuming Cesc is unable to control the game like Xavi and we concede more possession, how would the defensive adjust? Would you have Montoya and Alba continue with their attacking runs?

    How would pressing work?
    As I've stated before, I'd rotate Cesc and Xavi, depending on the tactics, the importance of the game, etc. I'm not crossing out Xavi. We've played with Cesc and Iniesta numerous times already and it can work. As for the fullbacks, I wouldn't have them both attacking at the same time, as we do now. I'd give Alba some more freedom with his runs forward, but one of them would have to be around to defend at all times.

    Ideally, the pressing part would resemble the one in the best days Pep's era. Closing the opponent deep or semi-deep into their own half, making great efforts to win the ball back as soon as possession is lost, etc. This is a physically demanding task, so it would be crucial to impose this style early in the game, and create a lead as soon as possible. Then later, maybe switch to a more defensive formation, either the one I posted next to the standard one, or a double pivot, in order to relax the intensity without losing defensive stability. I'd put great emphasis on tracking back (fullbacks especially) once the ball is lost and a counterattack begins. This is almost invisible in Barca's current game.

    Quote Originally Posted by Irish_Cules View Post
    Do you really think Aguero and De Gea would be sold? Both players are vital to their team and neither club needs the money. Aguero is more realistic but there's no way United would give themselves another goalkeeper problem just for a bit of money.
    I don't know how far we're taking this virtual manager thing , but to answer your question - for the right price (25 for De Gea and 45 for Aguero), I believe they'd be sold. I actually believe Thiago Silva would be the most difficult one to bring.