So I was thinking about it alot lately, why does our management keep making silly mistakes over and over again? We have some of the most talented players in history, and also enough financal stability to make the club better in every way and improve our weaknesses and yet we sometimes even expose our weaknesses further because of the moves of our management.
Why do we keep buying fail players, we have had this many times now.. Hleb,Chygrinsky,Keirrson... alot of really unnecessary waste of money..
Why do we keep buying players w don't really need? Ibra, Song, Mascherano... so does Cesc, disagree with it all you want, we did not need him.
Why do we keep using players wrong, on positions they are not most effective at? Why do we keep sticking Iniesta on the wing when he is better in the middle?
Why do we keep playing players that are not good enough or in horrible form, why do we keep playing Alexis when he is clearly in shit form or just not good enough, when we have much better and more suited players like Villa and Tello?
Why does our management fail to see some OBVIOUS problems that pretty much all of us "amateurs" can see, when they are supposed to be the "experts"?
We certainly need to get rid of some players we don't need and buy some other more well suited players, that much is true, but even with our current team we could do much better..
Someone please answer these questions for me.

Now its obvious that one problem is that we lack finishers, people who can score, people who can shoot, we are toothless upfront because we keep playing Iniesta as one of the forwards, and Sanchez alot of times aswell... now hold on... lets remember a few years back we had Henry, Eto and Messi up front... now compare those guys finishing and shooting ability with what we have now.. Henry vs Iniesta and Eto vs Sanchez... its laughable, its almost like comparing puyol's shooting ability with a good striker.
But the sad thing is we do have some people who can shoot and who can score.. and some who can even pierce the wings well.. Villa, Pedro and Tello, they are all decent shooters, and Tello offers something more aswell with his dribbling ability.
So why are we not playing all those guys in attack in most games instead of Iniesta and Sanchez?
Sanchez can't even beat his marker apart from being a fail shooter it seems, and he was supposed to be a good dribbler coming from udinese.. yet he isn't.. against Milan often I saw sanchez alone on the wing, most Milan people in the middle or on the other wing covering Messi, then the ball came to Sanchez who had TONS of space and 1 person to beat, and yet he stops and passes back every single time. Tello would have went for the space, pierced it a few times and we would probably have a few scoring chances.
So why this stubborness to keep playing sanchez, aswell as Iniesta on the wings I do not understand it? Its hurting our whole team and we will probably go out of the CL because of it now.

Villa, Messi and Pedro , rotating with Tello alot. That would be our best option in attack by far.
Midfield would be Iniesta, Xavi and Busquets, rotating with Cesc and Thiago.. Instead of forcing Xavi to play every single game, even unimportant ones, forcing Iniesta on the wings to play Cesc all the time aswell, and Thiago barely getting play time.
Defense is how it is, its not good and it can't be improved alot in the tactical sense, and goalkeeper aswell.

These are really some easy fixes to these problems, and yet our managment doesn't seem to realize any of this or doesn't want to realize it for some reason, even tho these issues are perfectly clear this whole season, we have struggled against good teams and quite a few times struggled against other team aswell, even tho we ended up winning by a goal by some chance or by some Messi masterclass or simply by bad performances from La Liga teams, it was always clear we lack the scorers up front, even in La Liga with our on paper "amazing start of the season".

We also need to start buying the players we actually need to improve our squad and our weaknesses, we need to get a good CB ( and that means CB.. not midfielders like song and mascherano, that will play in CB position ), and a good goalkeeper ( no freaking reina ffs ).

Something needs to be done to address these problems, because we are wasting alot of talent.