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  • FC B's Avatar
    Today, 10:35 AM
    FC B replied to a thread Barca draws Chelsea in FC Barcelona News
    Pretty difficult and also interesting tie, glad the second leg will pe at home.
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  • jairzinho's Avatar
    Today, 10:28 AM
    jairzinho replied to a thread 4 - Ivan Rakitić in Player Chat
    But how much kilometers does he run every match ?
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  • Origami's Avatar
    Today, 10:24 AM
    Origami replied to a thread Moneymar Jr. in Other Players
    Jair Ventura right now:
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  • Windhook's Avatar
    Today, 09:58 AM
    Windhook replied to a thread 25 - Thomas Vermaelen in Player Chat
    Given Masche's recent transfer request I doubt he'll start the El Clasico or any other match. Vermaelen played full 90 minutes in the last matches,...
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  • Xaviniesta's Avatar
    Today, 09:58 AM
    Xaviniesta replied to a thread Yerry Mina in Other Players
    If Paulinho can adapt and walk into our starting midfield, Yerry Mina might very well be capable of doing the same thing in defense
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  • behindbrowneyes's Avatar
    Today, 09:19 AM
    I am from Austria so I know him well. He took over my local club Austria Vienna (he even paid part of his buy-out to get his chance), which finished...
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  • behindbrowneyes's Avatar
    Today, 08:45 AM
    We've beaten all European Champions on the way to our last CL title. Let's do it again. :rockon:
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  • henias's Avatar
    Today, 08:07 AM
    He favours Suarez so much bcos he is part of the renowned MSN and he's scared of public backlash if he drops him. Without Neymar, he tries to build a...
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  • henias's Avatar
    Today, 08:00 AM
    It isnt about having who and who in your squad or whether u won back to back ucls. The key factor is their form this season, especially that of their...
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  • Ronaldinho10's Avatar
    Today, 07:53 AM
    I never usually get that excited from scouting videos but this Arthur could well be a long term replacement for xavi position and dominate our...
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  • Razor's Avatar
    Today, 07:29 AM
    Yeah, but some Barca fans "respect" Real Madrid more than PSG. Whatever that means... I have nothing against Neymar. I don't know why some are...
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  • MessiCam's Avatar
    Today, 07:20 AM
    MessiCam replied to a thread 2 - Nélson Semedo in Player Chat
    Show me one manager that rotates his defence often. It's the one area managers don't fiddle with...
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  • MessiCam's Avatar
    Today, 07:16 AM
    This won't work... Only 2 central midfielders which will probably end up being Busquets and Rakitic/Paulinho. Neither with any sort of pace...
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  • MessiCam's Avatar
    Today, 07:12 AM
    It's an easy problem to fix but one that Valverde doesn't have the balls to do... He would instead play Iniesta and Rakitic as CM/Wing hybrids. ...
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  • Neymessi's Avatar
    Today, 06:58 AM
    Real haven't done an ac milan or a liverpool. They just won 2 cls back to back and its not like they have sold half their team. Only james and morata...
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  • Neymessi's Avatar
    Today, 06:50 AM
    Neymessi replied to a thread Moneymar Jr. in Other Players
    Your retardedness knows no bounds. Not only are you extremely biased but you lack basic comprehension skills too. I said RM are more likely to win...
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  • Neymessi's Avatar
    Today, 06:37 AM
    Ederson save against manu is so overrated. The first save literally got struck on his face and he didn't do anything. The second save was more of a...
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  • DonAndres's Avatar
    Today, 06:21 AM
    This is a mixed draw for me. On one hand, we are definitely better than Chelsea right now even missing Dembele. Arthur may or may not be a crucial...
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  • Total-Football's Avatar
    Today, 05:53 AM
    Total-Football replied to a poll Serie A in Club football
    never mind found it. That's the red card. It was after ref used video assistance mind you ! lol torino's player got into his face and provoked...
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  • Cule For Life's Avatar
    Today, 05:48 AM
    Cule For Life replied to a thread Pep Guardiola in Barca History
    He'll return as a president one day hopefully.
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  • Lelouch vi Britannia's Avatar
    Today, 05:18 AM
    It's payback time for 2012. I don't see us winning the CL, but I want us to absolutely smash Chelsea. I am very confident about this. I think...
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  • Birdy's Avatar
    Today, 05:14 AM
    I am not confident at all about this one.. Conte is maybe the best tactician around, can completely outfox any other manager Unless we do not...
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  • Amir1983's Avatar
    Today, 05:13 AM
    Amir1983 replied to a thread Frenkie de Jong in Other Players
    We'll be needing a new CB and a new midfielder. If this kid can do both, let's get him before someone else does (+ he's not cup tied for the...
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  • Amir1983's Avatar
    Today, 05:10 AM
    Mourinho actually got hit in the head by a water bottle? Reminds me of the time supposedly Mourinho got his ass kicked by Henk Ten Cate at...
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  • Birdy's Avatar
    Today, 05:04 AM
    You have to understand we are defending in the best case with 9/10 players, because Messi is not defending. What do you do with a player like this...
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  • Messi's Avatar
    Today, 04:35 AM
    You have a point here, but this brings up a whole other discussion. Do you have to be politically involved in the region to be a true fan? What if...
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  • henias's Avatar
    Today, 04:34 AM
    Exactly, both have its pros and cons and we are the only team who have dealed with Madrid much better in the past few years; except for the game...
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